Tuesday, July 19, 2011


See that little gipper in the sailor cap? He just published his first book! I couldn't be more proud, I sure hope he is.
Get it while they're hot, cuz they are flying off the shelf! The book can be purchased at Reading Frenzy, Amazon or Buyolympia.

The book is Heart Beats by Alex Buck


Well, here it is July 29th. Another summer day of rain, temp in the high 60's and no real summer in sight. My vacation was plagued by torrential rain came down three days in a row. Where on the upper west coast can you always count on sweaty, dry, blazing sun? Redding California! Except when I choose the area for a vacation I've needed for 8 mos.
We ended up at Mt.Shasta City. Now there's a cute little town. Weather was perfect and we even got some hiking in.
I try to have fun no matter where I go. we had one small casualty during this vacation....we threw our tent in the garbage. When do you get too old to camp in the rain?