Thursday, December 14, 2017


Dec 1 2017 was last day of working for Legacy Health after 37 yrs. as a registered nurse/nurse informaticist.  Hard decision to make as I am not quite at the age to collect SS and/or medicare.  It is very strange to retire when you are really at the pinnacle of your game, but I am eager to see what the next adventure will be. 
First official work day I was off, I began to get sick, feeling worse with every new day. I'm currently on my second week of retirement.  I started feeling better this week but still very low energy and just getting a few things done each day.    Despite these sick days, I am so excited and know it was the right decision to make.  I've got lots of plans for de-cluttering my house and cleaning out Dad's house and getting it sold.  With my illness and Christmas coming up, I haven't really gotten in to either of those, but come the new year......
I'm also excited to get back into doing yard work.  Working full time doesn't really allow for leisurely days planting and grooming the yard.  Taking care of my yard has always been one of my de-stressing activities and i've really missed in in the past decade.  Can't wait to get into my quilting and general crafting again, but first, need to straighten out my sewing room.  I've been collecting things in preparation but nothing's put together yet.
All in all, the new year is bringing lots of changes and I can't wait!  I'll keep you posted.  The photo below is where it all started. 1979.....

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Best Dad in the World

Wow.  I started this over a year ago.  Not sure why I have not been able to write anything and get it posted.  My dad really was the best.  I perfect example of his integrity and compassion occurred on night around 1130.  My toilet upstairs plugged up, ran over and flooded by dining room below.  Water was coming through the window casings and from the chandelier.  I knew to shut off the water, which I did, but I called my dad to see if I should be doing anything else.  His first response "I'll be right over"  I said no, dad, you don't have to.  "I'm on my way".  He showed up, looked over the situation made sure I was safe and nothing to permanent had occurred and left.  That was typical of my dad.

After my mom died in 13, I spoke with my dad every day and took him to dinner virtually every other day after my work.  Sometimes in the summer I would see him on the back deck getting some fresh air and I would swing in just to visit.  Losing him was very hard, but I know he was lonely for my mom and he was ready to move on.  I still miss him like it was just yesterday.  .  I miss his "Dad jokes" and his ranting about the "Conservatives". I miss his detailed directions about stocks and bonds On my way home I pass his house and still look on the deck, hoping to see him sitting out there in his big hat and dungarees. It's all I can do not to swing in for a visit....