Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another loss...

Alex's tribute was attended by 200 people.  All there to support his family. We all felt very blessed that Alex was so well loved.  The only thing wrong with the night was that Alex wasn't able to be there to hear all the lovely words spoken about him.
As life will do, my family was dealt another punch.  My mom passed away the day before the tribute.  She had promised me unless she was on her deathbed she'd be there.  Well, you see how that worked out.
Both she and Alex are together wherever they are and I that is a comfort.  Best mom in the world, 58 years running....

Martha Gumm

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sorting through photos..

Selecting photos for the tribute to Alex.  So many wonderful times we all had together.  This was last Christmas. 2012. Alex was still getting radiation and chemotherapy.  What a guy.  Still able to smile.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Holidays!

 I found this post as a draft when I started blogging again.  Thought I'd post it anyway, it's from 2011

It's been a very strange year for the Buck family. Grandparents~the pillars, are starting to show their age. The economy has begun to personally affect many of us. My company is laying off 400 full time employees, but will wait until February to give us the names. Just a little something to think about over the holidays.
But having said that, I realize how fortunate my family and I really are. Many of my friends lost their parents years ago-I still can enjoy mine. Many of my friends lost satisfying, comfortable jobs years ago-as of now, I still have mine. I can still sit on my couch and blog. I am warm and well fed. Many are not.
Counting my blessings at Christmas and wishing everyone a better 2012!

Alex Buck 1984-2013

This past year has been wonderful and terrible at the same time. About 15 mos ago, we learned that Alex was terminally ill with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Despite his fighting with everything he had, Wednesday marked the end of his fight.  It was unexpected, quick and painless. Very grateful for that.  The wonder of the last year was getting to spend almost every day with my grown son, getting to know him as an adult and seeing what he was really made of.  Courage, strength, humor, compassion, wit and as I already knew, genius.  When I first heard the news last summer my grief was untenable, but over the last year, learning to make every minute with him count was priceless.  It was quite a roller coaster ride and he handled it with grace and gratefulness (mostly).  I am so proud of him, my son and will miss him terribly.