Saturday, August 12, 2017

Time to Travel

In recent years, I've been pretty limited on my ability to leave town and vacation in general.  Mostly because I've been spending time with my love ones in their final months.  Something I wouldn't change for the world. But life is different and I don't have that same responsibility.  I've decided to make the majority of my expenditures "adventures" rather than things.
My son Morgan was awarded an artits's residency in Leipzig, Germany for three months.  Well how could I pass up the opportunity to go visit him.   So, Bill and I have booked a viking cruise on the Elbe River.  It's starts in Prague and will end in Berlin.  We'll stay a few nights in Berlin, he'll fly home and I stay and visit with Morgan for a couple more days in Leipzig.  I'm so excited to see some new sights.   This will be in the fall and I haven't completely finalized the dates. 
  Image result for elbe river cruises

Prior to the Germany trip, I have plans to visit a friend who is renting a house for the month in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Bill and I will fly in to Mexico City and take a premium coach into San Miguel.  That will be about an hour ride.  My friend has been there many times and has a lot of cool expeditions planned for us during the week, plus nightly rooftop happy hour.
Panoramic view of San Miguel de Allende

In August, we'll take a week in a rented house in McMinneville to try and experience the solar eclipse......along with everybody else. That should be exciting because Bill's family is travelling from Murietta, Ca and Ashland, Or to join us.  

But...May 26th I traveled to Japan and saw a part of the world that was remarkably different then the USA.  Noticeably cleaner, safer and more efficient than my homeland.  Courtesy and respect were the norm. Actually, the countryside was a lot like Portland, Oregon with Japanese style architecture.  My sister and I travel to many cities. Countryside and metropolitan.  My favorite stop was at the Peace Park in Hiroshima.  Extremely moving and the recovery the city has made is pretty awesome.  I rang the peace bell.  Wish I could ring it again today!

Possibly the best part was being with my sister for an extended amount of time without spouses and kids.  We have never done that before and it was pretty nice.