Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WOW, just wow...

I am posting because it's been so long....
I've had a year that can only be called "something".
Then to add insult to injury, my country, USA is the laughing stock of the world and soon to be the target for ISIS, Mexico and even Australia.  Wow.
There is a huge difference between running  business and running a nation.
A business deal involves the "business" man negotiate for the best deal for him.
Diplomacy is bringing people together and when you're done, everyone feels good about the results.
The world is full of "alternate facts" and ugly behaviour
Women are fed up at this male ego blanket spread across our nation.
Among the hate and discension are countless examples of love and support showing up all over, despite the leaders of hate espousing otherwise.
We will survive and rise above  this primitive, tribal thinking.
I'm counting on it.