Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We've heard a lot about Haiti. The devastation is beyond what most of us can imagine. Today, one more survivor was found. I'm sure that was a truly joyous moment for all involved with the rescue, as well as the young woman who has survived this long. Big tragedies will garner our attention for a brief moment of our lives, until we move on to the next big thing. The people who are living in these areas, unfortunately, don't get to move on. I was moved by a story coming out of the Congo. I don't know all the details of what's going on over there, but I do know the inhumanity of the area is extreme, and not much progress has been made. A young woman from Portland has started a foundation to benefit the women of the congo. Her name is Lisa Shannon. This is the story she posted today. It's heartbreaking.
Read it and consider how you can do one small thing that might help the cause. Maybe it's spreading the word, saying a prayer or meditation. Maybe it's writing a check.
What is good for the congo, will be good for all the world.
Thank you for your help.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The whole family (excluding me) congregated in Las Vegas to celebrate the new arrival. Noah is my sister's first grandchild. All went well and Matthew really appreciated having his family in town for a whole week. Part of life's puzzle is celebrating with joy, a new life on one corner of the world, while devastation wreaks havoc and despair in another corner.
Don't forget to help out.
Text "HAITI" to "90999" to donate $10 to the Red Cross. The charge goes on your cell phone bill. Come on, it's just $10!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Grandnephew

Posting the other half of the duo with the new prince. Today is my oldest son's birthday, so this episode is bringing back lots of wonderful memories of my first born. It's quite an experience. Exhausting and unforgettable. Good luck to the Greens.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome Baby Noah!!

We have a new bundle of joy in the family. Noah Green arrived around 1 o'clock. Weighing in at a nice 8lb, 2oz. His parents, Marisa and Matthew were elated to welcome him into the world. They are all happy and tired.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Who doesn't love Disneyland? Well, there are a few people who find the wholesomeness, and gentleness of it boring, but to me, those people are the boring ones. I've enjoyed many trips to Disneyland over the years. Every one enjoyed for different reasons, going with a boyfriend, as a newlywed, taking my kids for the first time, then second and third times as they got older and were able to appreciate it in a new way. I have yet to see the latest..California Adventure. I go to LA once or twice a year, but haven't had the opportunity to take the time to visit the happiest place on earth. Opportunity is now knocking on my door. As part of the Obama plan urging Americans to volunteer, Disney is giving a 100% free entrance ticket to anyone willing to put in one day of volunteer work. I am all over it. I want to go to Disneyland!
The project is called, "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day". I am lucky enough to have a free place to stay in LA, so the trip will cost me either airfare or gas/time. I can't wait. Be sure and check the sign up site frequently most of the opportunities in my area, are already taken for January.
Sometimes, it's hard to make time to "pay back". Disney is giving you an added incentive to volunteer. Who knows, if you do it once you might just get hooked on how good it feels to do something that actually adds something to our world.
Hope to see you at the California Adventure!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Major home purchases are so confusing. Do you fix what you have, even though it will break again? This may be the cheapest solution (lifetime limited warranty) but they are 23 years old. Isn't it time for a change? This blind is held together with a piece of string and a broken rubber band.
I have restrung blinds many times, and replaced the mountings. A great place to get parts is Fix My Blinds. Do I really want to fix them one more time?
Do you replace with the same thing only new? Once again, isn't it time for a change--it's been 23 years.
Or, do you search the internet to find the dream purchase and pay 3X the price to get what you really want? I've always struggled with this dilemma.
I need new shades for virtually every window in my house. I've loved what I have, which is Hunter Douglas Duettes, purchased when they first came out at Costco. Some of the fasteners and hardware are broken due to sun exposure and normal use. They will replace these for free, but that means making a phone call, explaining, having them look for something to replace a product that is 23 years old. Of course, the ones that haven't broken yet, will undoubtedly break in the future.

I definitely will do this, it's just a matter of finding the time when I'm not busy and they are open. Because they are simple and straightforward, I can order replacements of the most worn ones for under $800 for 10 shades (I actually need about 18 shades, but I'll purchases in stages.) This would probably be the best choice as then I would have them all at the same age and could rest assured that no more would break for a few years.
However.........I have found a wonderful shade called VuThru Light Filtering that is very energy efficient and is multifunctional. It is either opened all the way and disappears, or if you close the shade it can be a duette (honeycomb) or a blind, looking a bit like plantation shutters. They are very beautiful and you can probably tell, this is what I want to get. Three times more expensive, but would save me money on heating in the winter. Since these would be different from my other shades, I'd have to buy two more to fit the scheme in the great room area.
I've ordered samples and I will call about the repair this next week. Then I'll make my decision.
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Decade

New years resolution are meant to motivate and remind us of our dreams and hopes. Throughout the year, everyday annoyances, interruptions, crisis, etc. do their best to stamp out goals. It takes a few extra days off, and a bottle of champagne, to let those dreams bubble up to the surface. The best we can hope for is just that....hope. It worked last year, maybe it didn't last, but it's worth another try. I want to be down 15 lbs by June.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still having fun...

Well, I've been going to town with the negative scanner. It is really quite a process. Dusting off the dust, righting the left, turning up the color, etc. but so worth it. I believe the best resolution to scan is 4800. This will take about 20-25 minutes for 4 negatives, including color adjustment.
I've been knitting a scarf as I wait for the scan to come through. Mine looks better than the pattern. It is definitely a multi taskable task.
I think I've done over 5 rolls---whoo hoo, but I'll just continue to plug away at it. I won't be able to have any dinner parties, as I'm using my kitchen table as the work place. This was really the only spot that made sense, since it is in the heart of my house and allows the multi tasking.
This photo is circa 1985, Morgan was a few days old. I am surprised how faded the pictures are, even from the negative that's been put away and protected for all these years.