Monday, September 21, 2015

This Guy!

One of the special joys of having a Picasa account is having all of your photos automatically move into the cloud.  The automagic part of that is, often times mystery photos appear. I do not know this man (not that I wouldn't want to for any reason) nor do I recall having seen this photo before. I found him in my account, looking for the photo of my dad and me.

He's not part of the Buck Family, but maybe he's heard about what an awesome family we have and is trying to finagle his way in.... Can't blame him for that.

Then there's this guy.  Perhaps the nicest, most generous, clever, handy and all round wonderful man I've ever met.  Considering he is my dad, that makes me one of the two luckiest daughters ever. This was us on his 84th birthday.  I treasure him beyond measure and try to spend as much time with him as I can while I am still able to. A little over a year has past since this photo was taken, and without my mom by his side, he's been stuck with his two daughters.  I hope he feels as lucky as we do.