Friday, February 27, 2009

Life in the Fastlane

I work in a basement.  It doesn't really look like one, and I have a door to the street level right by my desk, but it is a basement.  I know because I don't get very good cell phone reception.  Today when I picked up my purse to go home, I immediately got several beeps from my phone.  4 messages left after I had missed the calls.  No reception.  OK, I don't need to get personal calls while at the office, however, it is irritating.  Today I was glad I missed one of the calls.  My son's car had broken a shock.  He was stranded and needed a ride home.  Fortunately, this guy can use his head and began calling relatives until someone was able to come and get him.  Hooray to family, what would we do without them.

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