Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magna cum Laude

I have been remiss..........One of my most exciting and proud moments has occurred and I have not bragged blogged about it.  My youngest son, Morgan has achieved a Masters in Fine Arts degree. He's been going to school for 25 years and is finally through.  Now the real work begins.  He is a gifted painter and would love to be a gallery artist, but will need to land a job, preferably teaching art, to get him through the starving artist period.  His work is pretty amazing but definitely not for everybody.

He began his graduate school shortly after his brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He chose to attend a local art school so he  could spend as much time with Alex as he was able to. Many bittersweet memories made during that time. Taking a small break from his studies after Alex died, Morgan dove back into school with renewed motivation. I can't imagine how hard it was for him to continue on, but he did. One of his thesis paintings was on the cover of a couple of publications and he sold one piece at the exhibit.
...and did I mention he graduated magna cum laude.

Much love and congratulations Son!  You've earned everything you've gotten through your hard work, determination and incredible talent.


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