Saturday, May 14, 2016

Just in time...

My quilting gets me through another crisis....

I began quilting when Alex got sick. I am not very good at sitting around doing nothing.  I needed something to do that I could put down quickly to help him when he needed help. One of my co-workers had made a quilt for my psuedo granddaughter Aurora, and then she made a quilt for Alex to use during his chemotherapy.  It was really fun choosing fabrics and I've always sewn, so I thought I would try my hand at quilting.  I've finished 6 or 7 quilts so far.

A few months ago, we found out Aurora will be getting a baby sister.  Oh boy, another reason to make a quilt.  The fun begins, looking through the photos on the internet, wandering through the fabric stores, cutting, sewing, ironing....even bought a new iron that you set flat and it raises itself up from the ironing board surface. May 7 was the deadline, or as some would say, the baby shower. During the month of April, my dad seemed to be getting weaker and I would take my sewing machine and hang out with him and sew.  Finally the last week of April,, I finished the quilt, took the photos and rolled it up for presentation at the baby shower.  Within a few days, my dad ended up in the hospital and sadly, died on May 5.  The quilt was sent to the shower without me, but got word today that it is gorgeous and very appreciated.  Excited for the new arrival~Evie, in June.

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