Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another day in paradise!

The Christmas miracle came early to our little neighborhood. I don't know who organized it, but apparently, some of my neighbors got together and rented 4 snowplows and dug us out yesterday. They worked until about 6pm. What a great idea. Maybe that's why I pay homeowners association dues every year. The four of us hiked up to the main road last night so my dad could collect us and take us shopping. We had to be careful how much we bought since we had to hand carry it all back to the house. The most surefooted of us carried the dozen eggs to insure they got back in one piece. Now that we have enough food to last another few days..........bring it on! The next storm is expected around noon. We are planning on going to my sister's for the evening festivities.
We will have to dig out the car.......................

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