Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies and wind whipping so hard shakes were flying off my roof. An exhilarating way to begin another year of my life. That's just the kind of energy I like to try and maintain everyday.
Last night I had people over for dinner and about 30 minutes prior to expected arrival, we lost power! Never fear, all those candles I've gotten as gifts, bought because they smell so good or just happened to have, were pulled into use. There really isn't anything nicer or more calming then candlelight. Since I cook with gas, dinner was not a problem and after about and hour and a half, the power came back on. It was kind of sad to have to blow the candles out. I actually left a few burning. Something like a power outage sure makes you appreciate what we have. Imagine having to read, do homework, or even wash the dishes with out light or electricity.
I think I'm getting a battery powered lantern for my birthday.............

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  1. C:

    You will always have JUST the energy you need...if only you could channel all of your personal light into the walls when there is a power outage. Hope your birthday was happy and that the new year brings all you hope for.