Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still having fun...

Well, I've been going to town with the negative scanner. It is really quite a process. Dusting off the dust, righting the left, turning up the color, etc. but so worth it. I believe the best resolution to scan is 4800. This will take about 20-25 minutes for 4 negatives, including color adjustment.
I've been knitting a scarf as I wait for the scan to come through. Mine looks better than the pattern. It is definitely a multi taskable task.
I think I've done over 5 rolls---whoo hoo, but I'll just continue to plug away at it. I won't be able to have any dinner parties, as I'm using my kitchen table as the work place. This was really the only spot that made sense, since it is in the heart of my house and allows the multi tasking.
This photo is circa 1985, Morgan was a few days old. I am surprised how faded the pictures are, even from the negative that's been put away and protected for all these years.

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