Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 More Shopping Days!

Well, the shopping season is 100% in full glory. I did the majority of my shopping online, only buying if I got some special deal or markdown. I'm also using Ebates to maximize my savings. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day shopping and am virtually done with it. As with a lot of families, this year is a slimmer, sleeker and smaller consumer hotflash. I much really prefer, now that most of us our in a position to take care of our own "needs". I for one am also in a place where I have very few needs and/or wishes. In fact, I was spending the morning anticipating January so I can start getting rid of tons of accumulated purchases and get the basement cleaned out. The basement is not used much, so screams to be filled up with "stuff" I don't use very often or just don't want anymore. I feel like I'm finally getting rid of my need to hang on to something just because I can.
Christmas Day will be fun. Since our out of town family will be here this year, no need to Skype with them, although, what a bonus for families separated by miles.

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