Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Holidays!

 I found this post as a draft when I started blogging again.  Thought I'd post it anyway, it's from 2011

It's been a very strange year for the Buck family. Grandparents~the pillars, are starting to show their age. The economy has begun to personally affect many of us. My company is laying off 400 full time employees, but will wait until February to give us the names. Just a little something to think about over the holidays.
But having said that, I realize how fortunate my family and I really are. Many of my friends lost their parents years ago-I still can enjoy mine. Many of my friends lost satisfying, comfortable jobs years ago-as of now, I still have mine. I can still sit on my couch and blog. I am warm and well fed. Many are not.
Counting my blessings at Christmas and wishing everyone a better 2012!

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