Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another loss...

Alex's tribute was attended by 200 people.  All there to support his family. We all felt very blessed that Alex was so well loved.  The only thing wrong with the night was that Alex wasn't able to be there to hear all the lovely words spoken about him.
As life will do, my family was dealt another punch.  My mom passed away the day before the tribute.  She had promised me unless she was on her deathbed she'd be there.  Well, you see how that worked out.
Both she and Alex are together wherever they are and I that is a comfort.  Best mom in the world, 58 years running....

Martha Gumm

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  1. Your kind and thoughtful comment lead me back to you blog. I am so sad to read about your loss. I just can not imagine. I wanted to say thank you though, for reaching out and bringing me to your page. It is making me so thankful and grateful for my little ones asleep in their beds. Your right that motherhood, no matter how it begins, is full of worry and fear. You have reminded me how important it is to try to ignore all of that, the best I can, and just enjoy the time I have with them. Appreciative, Stephanie